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Oregon has a long tradition of conservation and protecting wildlife. From elephants to sea turtles, many iconic species face the threat of extinction due to demand for their parts. VOTE YES on 100 to prohibit the sale of products and parts from 12 imperiled types of wild animals in Oregon..

By voting yes on this measure, Oregon voters will help save sea turtles, sharks, rays, elephants, rhinos, cheetahs, and other critically threatened or endangered species from poaching, cruelty, and the threat of extinction.

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Oregonians can do their part for wildlife by voting yes on Measure 100

By Brad Nahill

Oregon is generally considered a pro-environment state and, in many ways, it is. Our state is rich in windmills, protected natural areas and wildlife.

But there is one way that the Beaver State falls short: It is currently legal to sell parts of endangered wildlife, including things like turtle shell jewelry (made from the shell of the critically endangered hawksbill sea turtle), ivory from elephants and shark fins.

Anti-wildlife trafficking measure becomes YES on 100

(Aug. 5, 2016)—Today, a citizen initiative that recently qualified for the November ballot to protect 12 of the most magnificent and imperiled animals in the world officially launches the second phase of their campaign as YES on 100! The Save Endangered Animals—Oregon measure, sponsored by U.S. Rep.